The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all members.

These rules have been established to assure safe and sanitary operation of the club facilities. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children and are requested to caution their children to obey instructions of the Pool Manager and other employees. Any failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of club privileges for the offending member for a period of one to seven days and can be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership.

  1. All persons using any of the club facilities do so at their own risk. The club will not be responsible for any accident or injury in conjunction with such use.
  2. The club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
  3. These rules may be revised or additional rules may be established at any time by the rules committee.
  4. Use of club facilities shall be restricted to members in good standing.