To become a member, each family must purchase a bond and pay yearly dues to use the club.

Each year approximately 30 – 40 bonds become available to prospective applicants on the membership waiting list.

If you would like to become a member of POMONA SWIM CLUB, complete our on-line application form.

The application fee of $10 will be credited towards the purchase of your bond.

Placement on the waiting list will be determined by date/time of the completed application.

When a bond becomes available you will be notified by email. The balance to purchase the bond is four hundred forty dollars ($440.00). You will have two weeks from the postmark date on the bond bill to send your payment for the bond. If payment is not received by the two weeks, the opportunity to buy the available bond will go to the next name on the the waiting list, and your name will be returned to the bottom of the list.

Payment of the annual membership dues of five hundred and sixty dollars ($560.00), which is due for current bondholders on April 15th, is deferred for first year bond holders until August 1st.

Upon receipt of your bond payment, you are a full bond holding member of the Pomona Swim Club and are to be afforded all the rights and privileges of such. You are also bound to abide by the rules and regulations of the Club.

Bond certificates shall amortize or depreciate at the rate of $50 for two years from the date of purchase and then $25 a year for six years, at which time it will be worth $200. Certificates will not depreciate below $200. New bonds will be amortized per schedule at the time of purchase.

If your spot on the waiting list is such that a bond does not become available for the current swim season, you will continue to hold that same spot for the next swim season.

Membership Bond Redemption Form